Investment Management

At Your Mental Health Advisors, we offer our Clients a variety of diversified portfolio solutions. We help to ensure that you have a healthy variety of investments. We offer solutions that help manage risk, while taking advantage of market growth. We balance safe choices with more aggressive investments.

We blend and apply third-party research with our own in-house expertise. We combine what we know with what we can learn from others. Our own expertise includes portfolio design and construction. We help you put together a portfolio that balances gain with appropriate levels of risk.

We also offer professional knowledge in investment selection and ongoing investment management. We look for the best places for you to put your money. Then we watch them to be sure they remain your best option. This combination helps to ensure we are able to craft a plan tailored to your needs. The result for our clients is a disciplined approach to money management.

We are here if you need help with your Financial Life Plan. If you would like us to review your current investment and retirement accounts, please call us to schedule an appointment. We value the opportunity to learn about you, answer your questions and share how we can help.

Our Guiding Principles Define our Investment Approach

We believe In…

  • Independent third-party institutional research. People are always looking for better ways to make money work for you. We take note of new methods and opportunities. We value information from studies that are done for pure learning. No one involved in this research gains or loses based on what they find.
  • Investments that align with Clients’ financial life plan and risk profile. Our recommendations are tailored to what is best for you.
  • Managing cost and taxes is a critical aspect of investing. We look for how your money can grow with the least cost to you.
  • Offering Clients solutions for all stages of their financial lifecycle. Your needs change as your life changes. We help you to make sure your money choices are flexible where needed. We can help you no matter what stage you are in.
  • Risk Management through Diversification & Asset Allocation. We help keep your money as safe as possible while it grows. We make sure that your money is spread carefully in multiple areas. A healthy variety of investments helps to protect your bottom line.
  • Risk Management using a disciplined approach supported by sophisticated technology. We use the best tools available to carefully keep watch over your financial health.