Financial Life Planning

It is common for people to think of a financial plan designed around getting to and through their retirement. However imbetween one's working years and retirement “LIFE” happens. Major life events such as marriage, home purchase, children, career changes and income increases or decreases all have an impact. As such, a financial plan should really be associated with a person’s “Life Plan”. Of course, life isn’t always easy to plan for. This is why we need to use some common assumptions when we build a plan. That plan must then be flexible for some of the changes life will bring.

As a Financial Life Management firm, we are life planners. We strive to add value to the overall financial health and well-being of our Clients and their families. We do this by serving as the primary point of contact. We help to ensure Clients’ financial decisions are well-integrated with their lifestyle decisions. This also helps us to keep our Clients on track.

Your Life Plan In Action

Our Planning Approach is to create a financial plan that is flexible and can adapt to your changing circumstances and priorities.

  • A life plan is a plan around your life, not just retirement or investments
  • It assumes your life will experience change. It assumes a need to pivot is likely
  • With your life plan your Advisor is your navigator, but you are the driver

Our approach also incorporates behavioral finance and financial psychology. We look at both what you do with money and how you feel about it. This financial planning process allows your Advisor to really get to know you. It allows them to have a deeper understanding of who you are. Both your life goals and your overall needs are considered. Your Advisor really gets to know you as an individual. Now your Advisor is able to build a more complete Financial Life Plan for you. As we understand your unique needs we can develop a plan just for you. You and your Advisor are able to work together putting your plan into action. Your trusted advisor is there with you as you go.

As we analyze your financial status we will be looking carefully at many different things. We will first take note of your assets, liabilities and cash flow. We will also need to take into account your insurance coverage and current tax strategies. Finally we need to consider your investments. All of this allows us to gain a clear picture of your financial health. With this in mind we now take note of your risk tolerance, values and goals. Your personal money scripts(R), your beliefs about money, will also play an important role. Taking all of this together we will provide you with your Personalized Financial Life Plan. We will also make tailored Investment Recommendations.

If you need help with your Financial Life Plan or Investment Management we are here for you. Please call us to schedule an appointment. We want to learn about you, answer your questions and share how we can help.

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Financial Beliefs
Unique Investor Behavior
Values & Goals

Help to Understand:

Gain personal insight through the Your Mental Wealth Process.

  • Understand your financial beliefs. How do you feel about money? How do those feelings impact what you do with your money?
  • Understand your unique investor behavior. How do you like to make your money work?
  • Understand your values and financial goals. What do you care about? Where do you want your money to take you?

Review & Report Financial Status
Provide Gap Analysis
Provide Recommendations

Help to Analyze:

We will review your finances and report on your current financial status. We will provide you with both a financial plan and investment recommendations.

  • Review and analyze current financial status. We will need to gather information about your financial health. All financial, insurance and estate planning documents will be reviewed. This gives us a clear idea where you are starting from.
  • Perform forecast and gap analysis. We look at what you are doing and how it is working. Are you on track to meet your financial and life goals? Will you have the money you need in the future? Do you have the right strategy in place? Will you come up short? Do you need to make changes? Does your current plan align with your values? Are you happy with the results it will give you?
  • Evaluate alternative courses of actions. How should your current plan be adjusted? We will discuss options to meet your financial and life goals.
  • Provide financial plan and investment recommendations. We will give clear steps to take.

Take Action
Implement Financial Plan & Investment Recommendations
Ongoing Monitoring
Ongoing Guidance, Communication, and Plan Refinement

Help to Take Control:

Action Plan and Implementation

  • Implement your financial plan and investment recommendations. We will help you make changes to improve your financial health.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your plan. We will watch to see how your plan is working. We will be ready to pivot when needed to keep your plan on track.
  • Ongoing guidance and communication. We will be there to help you as needed. We will be there to review your plan regularly. We will be there to report on how things are going. We will be there to help you respond to changes in your life and goals.