About Your Mental Wealth Advisors

Your Mental Wealth Advisors was founded in 2001. We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Financial Life Management firm. We help our Clients plan for their financial needs and give them advice on their investments. We help people feel safe and happy with how they manage their money.

At Your Mental Wealth Advisors, we are committed to our Clients’ overall financial health. We incorporate behavioral finance in our work with Clients, which looks at why people make the money choices they do, and Financial psychology, which looks at how we feel about money. We use our training and understanding in these fields to better serve our Clients. At Your Mental Wealth Advisors, after family and personal relationships, we believe that there is nothing more personal than your relationship with money. We want to help people learn about their own relationship with money.

We believe in having a connection with our Clients that goes both ways. This is often called a two-sided client relationship. We only give advice that we have worked through ourselves. We feel that if our Clients are willing to trust us with their story, we must also trust them with ours. We are happy to share our company and personal stories with our clients.

We are a Fee-Only Financial Advisory firm. We believe this model best avoids any conflicts of interest. We are paid only by our clients. We do not take money from any outside institutions. We do not receive any commission for any actions we take for our Clients. Our Clients pay us through either a percentage of the assets we manage for them or using an agreed upon flat fee.


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We help people understand their views of money and then assist them through the transformation of their financial life