The Your Mental Wealth Advisors Difference

We are a Fee-Only financial Advisor. We believe the fee only model minimizes conflicts of interest. All compensation for our services comes directly from our Clients. We are paid only by you. So we are loyal only to you. Our financial planning or ongoing investment management is designed to serve your best interests.

We do not receive compensation from any institution. Our only income comes from our clients. This means we do not receive commissions on the actions we take on behalf of our Clients. We do not earn from your investment choices. We do not gain from recommending particular investments to you. Our compensation is based on a percent of assets managed or a flat negotiated fee. We earn our payment for what we do for you.

YOUR Advisor

At Your Mental Wealth Advisors your advisor is committed to your overall financial health. Your Advisor will never sell you a product or service. Your Advisor is trained in behavioral finance and financial psychology. They understand market psychology and are aware of patterns in how people behave with money. They understand different ways that people think about money. They will learn about your unique relationship with money.

They will use that knowledge to best serve your financial needs. Your Advisor will have a Fiduciary Relationship focused on you. This means that it is their duty to act for your benefit. You are placing your trust in them. They have a duty of loyalty and a duty of care to you. They must put your best interests first.

As a Fiduciary Advisor, we act solely in your best interest. This is a fundamental obligation. Only a Fiduciary Advisor is required by law to put your best interests first. As a Fee-Only Advisor we are paid only by you for the services we provide. We will not sell you products or receive commissions.

Financial Life Plan

A Plan around your life, not just retirement or investments. A plan that is tailored to you. Your plan assumes your life will experience change. It is prepared for a need to pivot if your circumstances and priorities shift.. YOUR Advisor is your navigator, but you are the driver. We are here to advise. You are in control.

Ongoing Investment Management

We provide flexible Investment options. We find options that align with your financial life plan. We tailor to your risk comfort. We offer solutions for all stages of your financial lifecycle.

Open and Ongoing Communication

Regular Correspondence with you. Keep us up to date on progress. Update us on any life changes. Semi-Annual and Annual Meetings with your Advisor. Like a regular wellness check for your money. Your personalized financial website. A private and secure website created just for you. A place where you can keep an eye on your portfolio and watch how your money is doing. 24/7 access to your financial plan and finances through YOUR web page. Quarterly Performance Reporting of your investments. Think of these as a report card for your portfolio.

If you need help with your Financial Life Plan or Investment Management Services, please call us to schedule an appointment. We are here to learn about you, answer your questions and share how we can help.

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